Dean Stamp leaves on Dual Registration

Dean Stamp leaves on dual registration

Bristol Manor Farm can today announce that Dean Stamp has been allowed to leave the club on a dual registration with Willand Rovers. Willand will be Deans main club but he will be available for mid-week games for Manor Farm.

Dean Stamp leaves as one of Manor Farms top goalscorers, perhaps the top goalscorer with 126 goals in 150 games. Fans will of course remember Dean for his incredible first two seasons where he maintained a record of more goals than games smashing in 50+ goals a season for us and helping us get to the Southern League South.

Lee Lashenko knows that fans will be divided on this news but assures it’s the right decision for the club and calls on new striker Lewis Bamford to settle fans unrest in the next few weeks.

Manor Farm cannot thank Dean enough for what he has done for this club, love him or hate him it’s a undeniable fact that one of the key factors in our promotion has been Dean Stamp and his incredible goal record and Willand Rovers will undoubtedly be a much stronger side with Dean Stamp in it (provided he doesn’t play left-back).