Player Focus: Owen Howe

Player Focus: Owen Howe

For the first Manor Farm Player Focus, I had a chat with new player and August Player of the Month winner, Owen Howe! Manor Farm fans will know Owen Howe as the goalscoring machine who joined us from Salisbury, but who is Owen Howe? Hopefully this will help supporters know more about our new striker, as we learn about his ambitions, outside-of-football life, and how his time at Manor Farm is going!


We all know the teams goals for this season, but what personal goals do you have?

Personal goals for season would be to reach 30+ goals! Also just do everything I can do to help the team try achieve promotion!

You’re no stranger to promotion, what do you think about the teams chances this season? Can it be three in a row for Owen Howe?

I think we have a really good chance, with the quality we have in the changing room and the lads starting to click as a team I hope we can go on a good run and be in a good position at Christmas. I’d like to hope it will be 3 in a row come May.

Who are you most excited to be playing alongside this season?

Metts & Stampy from how we’ve started, I think they will create a lot of chances for myself and the team,

We’ve already seen you and Dean Stamp linking up well, do you think that’s a remnant of your time at Tiverton?

Yeah, I think it helps that me and Stampy have played together before and are friends from down in Devon. I think that’s showing with our partnership so far this season.

Who, in your opinion, is the most talented in the team? Funniest?

Most talented would be Chazzy D (Chas Hemmings). For a 6ft 4 lad his touch is immaculate and has great tekkers. Funniest would have to be… Ben John. Never fails to amuse the boys.

You’ve quickly become a fan favourite, is there anything you’d like to say to the Farmy Army?

Just like to thank everyone for the support and the welcome they have all given me! I feel at home here and I will carry on doing what I do.

How does life at Manor Farm differ to your time at Tiverton or Salisbury?

Salisbury is like a professional club, and I loved my time there, but at Manor Farm it is more homely and relaxed, which for me makes me feel more comfortable.

What would you say your best football memory is? Worst?

Best memory in football would be getting promoted with my home town Tiverton Town. Worst… Any suspension I’ve received.

The team has seen a few new arrivals, mainly you, Ash Kington, Chas Hemmings and Ben John, and because of that we’ve seen a change of tactics with the three strikers starting up top. The first game was a disappointment but it’s starting to look like the team is starting to gel together, would you say that’s the case?

Yeah the first game was one to forget, but since then we are unbeaten! In the changing room there is a good spirit building and we hoping to get that and kick on again and carry on this run we have.

What do you do when you’re not playing football?

When I’m not playing, I’m watching it somewhere with the lads, having a few cold ones!