Sponsors & Supporters Evening

Bristol Manor Farm Football Club is thrilled to announce an exciting event for all our valued sponsors and supporters. We look forward to seeing everyone at The Creek, BS9 2HS, and here’s what to expect.

On Thursday, 3rd August 2023, we will be hosting a special Sponsors & Supporters evening, starting at 5pm. This event promises an enjoyable and engaging experience, offering sponsors a unique opportunity to expand their reach while fostering a deeper connection with our club. In order to plan the evening further, businesses are requested to send an RSVP email to commercial@bristolmanorfarm.com.

Arrival & Refreshments:

A complimentary drink and light refreshments will be provided to guests upon arrival, prior to the presentation.


The club will host a short opening presentation in order to provide sponsors and supporters with information about the club, its community involvement, and possible ways the Farm could help expand its customer base through our fantastic commercial opportunities. The Management and First-Team will be in attendance for you to introduce yourself to them.

Trade Stands & Handouts:

We appreciate the value of promoting our sponsors’ brands to a wider audience. Therefore, we extend an invitation to sponsors who would like to set up trade stands or provide handouts during the event. This is a fantastic chance to showcase your products, services, and initiatives to a group of individuals who share a passion for football and community. Please could you let our commercial & hospitality team know at least 14 days in advance if you wish to have anything set up in the main function room. For all commercial enquiries, please email commercial@bristolmanorfarm.com.

Photo Opportunities:

For sponsors and supporters who have already sponsored their chosen player for the upcoming 23/24 season, we are pleased to say that there will be an opportunity for you to grab a photo with them at the presentation. If you decided to sponsor a player on the evening, you too can get a photo with the chosen player(s).

Bring a Friend or Two:

In the spirit of camaraderie and shared experiences, we extend the invitation to sponsors and supporters to bring a friend or two along to the event. This will not only create a vibrant atmosphere but also allow us to expand our network and engage with new individuals who may become future advocates for Bristol Manor Farm FC.

Join us as we come together to strengthen our bond and continue our shared journey of passion for football and community.