The NHS Gain When You Decide The Name

It is with great excitement that we at Bristol Manor Farm FC have decided to rename our historic ground!  This is something we have been considering for a number of years and feel we are making this decision for a number of crucial reasons.  We are inviting any business or individual to rename our ground.  The accepted bid will result in 50% going straight to our local NHS (the charity Above and Beyond linked to the BRI Hospital and the Bristol Heart Institute).  The other 50% will help sustain our football club in these very difficult times.

This really is an advertising hot spot.  Our ground is located next to the Temple Meads to Severn Beach Railway Line and over 200,000 commuters use this line each year, going to and from work.  As well as this, our ground is located on the A4 Portway which is one of the main arterial routes in and out of Bristol, and is used by cars, lorries, pedestrians and cyclists again on their way to and from work.  Literally hundreds of thousands of people use this route and the fence we are going to paint is a 200 foot fence that is very visible.

Please contact Tony Parsons, Commercial Director, at BMF on 0117 9688250 or text 07972 331851, or email to discuss this local community initiative.  We look forward to speaking to you!