Welcome back to fan/player/coach-favourite John Lock! Locky rejoins us this season as a player/coach with Lee Lashenko noting his brilliant presence in the dressing room and morale for players and supporters alike.

Lee Lashenko said about Lockys return: “The people like him, Ben Wilshire, and Pete Sheppard, the people who know the club in and out are the future of Bristol Manor Farm. Locky is one of these figures at the club that is loved by everyone, players and fans alike, and can work as a bridge between them. John is a player who has been around Manor Farm for a long time now, we know he can’t commit himself fully and understand that, but when he’s here and asked to do a job we can be confident he’ll do it. For that reason we’re excited to have him back round the squad as a player and a coach.”

Welcome back Locky!