Kinger Commits to Farm for 20/21

Kinger commits to Bristol Manor Farm next season. This will be Steve’s 4th season with us, look what he had to say when we put some questions to him.


Steve Kingdon



When did you sign for BMF?:

This will be my 4th season

How have you kept fit during lockdown:

I’ve been out for a fair few long distance bike rides to be fair…oh and taken a fair few jogs up to the local off license for a few essential supplies (if that counts?)

What is your favourite away ground:

Would have to be Melksham (only because of the playing surface)

What position will Bristol Manor Farm finish next season:

Play offs minimum

Who is your favourite footballer:

John Terry or Steven Gerrard

What is your favourite film:

I like a mixture of films to be fair, majority would be action films but must admit little guilty pleasure would be Dirty Dancing

What team do you support:

LIVERPOOL or any team that’s playing Man Utd

Do you have any pre-match superstitions:

I eat at a certain time on away trips and will always be out of the dressing room last before kick-off

What is your favourite football boot:


What is your favourite music:

Once again I do like a mixture, depends what’s going on at the time or what mood I’m in…R n B, house n the odd old school singing number!

What is your favourite food:

Pasta, any shape, any way, any form!

What do you do in your spare time, any hobbies:

Recently I’ve spent all my spare time landscaping my garden and playing golf (attempting to anyway!!)

What is your nickname:


Do you have any pets:

No, not mad keen on them as a few of the boys will tell you!

VAR – Yes or No:


Who has been your toughest opponents:

Um, in recent years would have to be Wealstone away in FA Cup (prob didn’t help that I put their striker clean through for their 4th)

Most memorable match played in:

Play off final a few years ago

Worst dressed team mate:

Few contenders here, I’ll keep it to the lads I travel with…Gizz has a naughty pair of Red high top trainers glued to his feet (expensive apparently), never seen Mase’s clobber cuz of the reflection off of his dog chain and I ain’t even gonna mention the vest Lloydywas wearing when I popped to his house the other day!

What are your aspirations for next season:

Personally, stay fit…as a team, play offs minimum

What team mate have you missed most during lockdown:

Lynn in the kitchen