On Wednesday evening, former Bristol Manor Farm goalkeeper Ashley Clark announced his retirement from semi-professional football after 21 years after sustaining a ruptured ACL and meniscus tear. Speaking to the club, Manager Lee Lashenko expressed his gratitude for Clark, and looked back on their time together at Bishop Sutton and Bristol Manor Farm.

“Since the age of 24, I’ve been managing for 22 years now and during that time I’ve only really had two longstanding goalkeepers work with me. That is Ashley Clark and Ben John.

“In Ashley’s case, he is naturally a born winner, and although we probably haven’t been as close in recent years, he’s still one of the best goalkeepers I’ve had the pleasure of managing and someone I hold in very high regard.

“Our time was very successful together as we won two Western League Premier titles at Bishop Sutton, and of course, here at Bristol Manor Farm.

“After winning that first title at Bishop Sutton he made the switch across to The Creek and helped me turn a bottom table side into a ruthless one. We initially came second, then amassed over 100 points in the following year to win promotion, and then Ashley naturally made the step up into the Southern League.

“We’re sorry to hear of Ashley’s injury and we wish him all the best in his recovery. He was a brilliant servant for our club, and I can speak on behalf of everyone associated to Manor Farm that we are grateful for all of his efforts during his time as a player.